• 1Channel
  • Real HD 1280×720, 30fps
  • Hidden Wire Installation
  • Viewing Angle : 120 degree


High resolution image

It realizes clear and soft image by using high quality lenses and 2 million pixel sensor.
HD 1280 x 720, 30 frames

Own viewer program

Differentiated functional configuration is possible along with the image verification through the exclusive viewer program.

Low voltage blocking function

It provides the low voltage blocking function in order to prevent the discharge of the vehicle’s battery power during a long time parking. Three voltage and time periods can be selected in the exclusive viewer. (Operates during the parked recording)

* Parked recording function is disabled once the system is turned off by the low voltage blocking function.

Automatic temperature blocking function

When the surrounding temperature is high than the parked car, if the black box’s internal temperature rises up to a certain temperature, the power is blocked automatically to protect the image and the black box body. (operates during parked recording)

Apptina 2.0M
HD 1280×720 / 30fps
Compact Method
H.264 / PCM
Recording Mode
Driving Mode
Event Mode
Parking Mode
Forcible Mode
Low Voltage Block Function
Cast-in microphone /Codec : PCM
Angle of View
Diagonal : 120 / Horizontal : 90 / Vertical : 67.5
16GB(Up to 32GB is supported)
Video Output
Dimension / Weight
2.2in x 3.2in / 3.3oz
56.00mm X 96.95mm / 92g
12V ~ 24V DC
Consuming Power
Max 4.5W
Operating Temperature
Fahrenheit: -4F ~ 140F / Celsius: -20C ~60C



VG-10RS Body(Front Camera)


Micro SD Card and Adapter


Power Cable


Mounting Film

VG-10RS Manual

VG-10RS Manual



Video out cable


Cigarette Lighter Jack Cable

Names of each parts

name of parts

 1  Camera  HD 1280×720, 2Mega pixel
 2  Angle adjustment knob  Camera’s angle adjustment
 3  Micro SD card slot  Micro SD card insert
 4  Security LED  Alternative flickering or off during the parking mode
 5  Power switch  Power on/off switch
 6  Mode button  Forcible recording function, voice recording and voice instruction on/off
 7  Reset  Initialization function
 8  Microphone  Voice recording
 9  Status LED  Product’s operation status
 10  Fixing bracket  Holder to fix the body

How to install

 01.  Insert the Micro SD card in the VG-10RS.

Check if the power is off before inserting the Micro SD card.
If you press one more time, the micro SD card is detached easily. Be cautious so that the micro SD card doesn’t pop out suddenly when you separate it.

02.  Separate the fixing bracket from the body.

The fixing bracket is combined with the body when the product is released. Hold on the fixing bracket and push the product body toward right and the bracket is separated.

insert micro SD card

Separate the fixing bracket

03.  Attach the VG-10RS film to the middle part of the front glass or to the place

you want and attach the fixing bracket on the film using double-side tape.
Caution : In the case of the type of vehicle where the VG-10RS film is impossible to be attached or is difficult to be attached, install the fixing bracket using only the double-sided tape.

* Attach the Vugera film provided when the product was purchased on the front glass of the vehicle.

* Refer to the following page on how to attach in detail.

attach vugera film

attach the fixing bracket

Reference : How to attach the film


Pour water into a cup until water fills half of the cup and insert two drops of detergent in the water and let it dissolve.
Materials used :
a paper cup, water, card, hair dryer.

attach Vugera film

How to attach

  1. Clean the part of the glass area where you want to attach, and dip the middle part of the glass with the water containing the detergent using a hand.
  2. Detach the film from the reusable paper and dip the film into the water in the cup.
  3. Check if the film has been attached in the desired(middle) location.
  4. After attaching the film, using the card you possess or the Hear, the tinting tool, push toward upward, downward, to the right and to the left from the center.
  5. Remove the water and remove the moisture using a dry cloth or toilet papers. (During the winter or when the weather is cold, operate the heater of the vehicle and remove the water completely. The above procedure is same as the vehicle’s tinting method.)
  6. After removing the moisture completely, fix the product body using the double-sided tape attached to the bracket. (If the temperature goes down below 0 degree, you must dry the object for 10~20 minutes using a hair dryer.)
attach film steps

 04.  Fix the VG-10RS body on the front glass or on the bracket fixed on the Vugera film.

Insert by adjusting the groove of the VG-10RS body and the groove of the fixing bracket and push toward left until you hear a short rattling sound.

 05.  Connect the power connecting part of VG-10RS and power cable.

The connection of the power cable is recommended to be installed at a formal agency. When using the parking recording function, low voltage blocking function is provided.

How to connect the power when not using the parking recording.

When you start the key, the socket from which the DC 12V comes out is the ACC+ line.
ACC : Do the task safely using the electrical tape in the red wire.
GND : Connect the black wiring to the vehicle.
How to connect the body’s power line and the power cable.

fix on the bracket connectors