What is a Dash Cam

What is a Dash Cam?

A Dash Cam is an electronic recording device that attaches to your vehicle’s interior windshield. Dash Cams continuously record when driving and or when parked if your Dash Cam is hard wired to your car’s fuse box. Typically, a Dash Cam records in a continuous loop rewriting over the first files sequentially. When an event is triggered either by the G Sensor or motion sensor, that particular file is saved separately so it does not get erased and can be viewed later. Manual recording can be done as well and put in a separate file. Dash Cams use a micro SD card to record events on to. Dash Cams have become the craze in countries like Russia and Asia where a large portion of automobile owners have Dash Cams.

There are many options and different specs for Dash Cams, but the basic spec that all Dash Cams should have are a high quality CMOS Image Sensor for good quality recording,

  • G Sensor that can detect an abnormal movement and a motion sensor that can be triggered by motion.
  • GPS to show location and speed.
  • One or two channels, meaning you can have a rear camera linked as well.
  • Wi-Fi to connect to your smart phone.
  • LCD Screen to show live view.

There are two ways to power Dash Cams. One is to use your cigarette lighter plug but when you shut off the car, the dash cam will shut down as well. The other is to hardwire the device to your car’s fuse box in which case, parking mode (G-Sensor and Motion Sensor) can be used when the car is parked or not running. This is the recommended method.

We all know the phrase, “You get what you pay for,” and in the Dash Cam industry, this is true! ALLUCAM arms you with another layer of reliable defense in case of a dispute, and does so with accurate technology for an excellent value.

You may end up with some pretty interesting videos but ultimately, Dash Cams are there to provide irrefutable evidence should there be a dispute over an incident and can deter against theft as well.