What is a Baby Monitor

Happy atmosphere. Peaceful mind.

Temperature and humidity function

Our smart baby monitor keeps an eye on your baby everywhere, anytime with an unlimited range for an unlimited time.

Baby Monitor

We introduce our IBCAM, a new baby monitor, simple and easy to use, suited for active and busy parents. With our IBCAM, you can always stay in touch and monitor your baby through your tablet and smartphone anywhere and anytime with a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. With remote video recording, night vision, two way audio, temperature change alerts and much more, it offers you a peace of mind when it comes to your baby. Don’t worry about the battery running out either, the smart baby monitor is powered through a USB wall charger!

Whether you’re at work, travelling, or at home, we want you to be satisfied and happy about your baby’s safety and well-being. Our baby monitor also saves your baby’s precious moments with unlimited snapshots! You never have to miss your baby’s moments! Our baby monitor captures each one!

Let your friends and family see your baby on their devices in real-time by sharing a secure password-protected access to the baby monitor. It also makes a wonderful present for out-of-town grandparents who don’t want to miss seeing their grandchildren grow!