The Dash Cam Revolution is Here!

We’ve all seen the crazy videos from Russia and nearly all the cars in Korea have Dash Cams. 1 million units were sold in Russia alone in the span of 3 years. So the questions is……when is the Dash Cam craze gonna hit North America? We at ALLUCAM, believe it is now! Drivers are more and more concerned about their own personal welfare and the protection of their families and loved ones. We’ve all heard of the nightmare stories about how insurance would not cover an accident because lack of a witness or proof. Dash Cams will prove to be indispensable device that everyone can benefit from.

There are actually many Dash Cams on the market but till now, there is no front runner who can clearly say they are the authority on Dash Cams. ALLUCAM is located in Los Angeles, California. Team ALLUCAM consists of a Sales Team, Customer Service Team, Technical Service, R&D and experience in the auto industry for over three decades. Our Unique VG Series was made for the US market and not just a knock off or imported model. We pride ourselves that we are USA based and handle everything out of California. Our Team is happy to assist with any concerns and can be reached easily, not like foreign based companies.

Team ALLUCAM will do our best to bring the best in the Dash Cam Industry. We are always open to suggestions and opinions. Should you have any, please do leave a comment and our Team will reply as soon as possible.

Thank you!