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Dash Cams can provide an extra layer of defense if you are ever involved in an incident. ALLUCAM’s goal is to provide the highest quality, most reliability and best functionality with an enduring design with our Dash Cams. Having the ability to record any event while driving or parked gives the owner a little more peace of mind. Our R&D team has come up with the most desirable designs to complement you automobile and our Tech Team has implemented innovative technologies into our Dash Cams. Rest assured that our staff members will do our best to ensure you have the proper Dash Cam for your needs.

action cams

Capture and share your glorious moments with our line of Sports Action Cams. Our Sports Action Cams offers a sleek, waterproof model with a LCD screen for playback.

Baby Monitor

Our smart baby monitor, Ibcam, monitor your baby everywhere with an unlimited range for an unlimited time.

mobile dvrs

Have a fleet of trucks, taxis, buses or even a few cars? Our mobile DVR’s is the solution in defending, monitoring and securing your vehicles.


Being in the automotive industry for over three decades globally, we have the experience and capability to offer Dash Cams that will satisfy your needs. Having multiple manufacturing plants and exporting to over 150 countries has given us the expertise and the know-how to gage the pulse of the market. With a highly qualified Research and Development Team, we are able to stay one step ahead in the Dash Cam industry. To provide newer Dash Cam Technologies, create better Dash Cam designs and most importantly…reliability. Thank you for choosing ALLUCAM!

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ALLUCAM offers a variety of recording devices to fit your diverse needs.
We offer best Dash Cams, Action Cams, Baby Cams and Mobile DVRs.